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Why Therapy

It’s often hard for people (especially people in early recovery) to determine if the way they are feeling is normal or not. Here are some general rules that can help determine when to go see a Minneapolis therapist:

  • Any mood state or symptom that lasts longer than “usual” is a source of concern. Everybody gets depressed sometimes, not everybody stays that way.
  • When you can’t see a way out or through what you are struggling with.
  • When it feels like nobody understands what you’re feeling.
  • If you’re experiencing a chronic state of hopelessness or emptiness.
  • When what you’re dealing with isn’t something you can talk to your friends, family or sponsor about.
  • When your moods seem unmanageable.
  • If you have thoughts of worthlessness or believe you are unlovable.
  • Your relationship is struggling and you two don’t seem to be making progress on your own
  • When your current struggles keep bringing up a past trauma or event that feels resolved or unfinished.
  • You’re irritated for several days for no good reason.
  • You or others notice a change in your behavior, such as eating less, not going to meetings or avoiding others.
  • When you’re feeling hopeless about things ever getting better or you just feel like giving up.

If you’re still not sure:

  • Ask others and get some feedback. Ask your friends or sponsor if they have experienced something similar. How did they handle it?
  • You can also ask a therapist. Making an appointment to see someone doesn’t mean your making a commitment to therapy. Get the evaluation and then use that to help make your decision.

If you are struggling and looking  for a Minneapolis therapist to talk with, contact James today to learn more about what one-on-one counseling can do for you.

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