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Social phobia is a “persistent and irrational fear of situations that may involve scrutiny or judgment by others, such as parties and other social events.”

Social phobia is different from shyness.

Shy people are able to participate in social functions where people with social phobia are constrained by their condition to the point that it affects their ability to function in work and relationships.

Some of the most common fears of people with social phobia include:

  • Attending parties and other social occasions
  • Eating, drinking, and writing in public
  • Meeting new people
  • Speaking in public
  • Using public restrooms

The goal of social phobia treatment therapy is to help you function effectively. The success of the treatment usually depends on the severity of the phobia.

  • Systematic desensitization is a technique used to treat phobias. You are asked to relax, then imagine the components of the phobia, working from the least fearful to the most fearful. Gradual exposure to real-life situations has also been used with success to help people overcome their fears.
  • Social skills training may involve social contact in a group therapy situation to practice social skills. Role playing and modeling are techniques used to help you become more comfortable relating to others in a social situation.
  • Anti-anxiety and antidepressant medications are sometimes used to help relieve the symptoms associated with phobias.

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